BEYOND Innovation Awards sets up three awards for its three sub-brands: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Consumer Tech. All exhibitors are welcome to apply. BEYOND Innovation Awards aims to find and promote the most innovative companies and products of the year.

Seeed Technology Co.,Ltd

SenseCAP Series

SenseCAP Series, developed by Seeed Technology, is designed to tackle these challenges, with focuses on integrating advanced technologies, improving utilization of devices, lowering energy consumption and operating costs, and embracing more monitoring parameters. In order to reduce operation difficulty and operational labor cost, and to enhance interoperability between environmental monitoring systems, SenseCAP features an integrated and compact design, a user-friendly interface, and a set of concise connectors. With the reliable and scalable data-collection solutions powered by SenseCAP, we want to enable global developers to develop, deploy and scale-up their applications in smart agriculture, smart weather stations, smart cities, and other environmental-sensing scenarios.


Digital agriculture to create a low-carbon food system.

XAG focuses on using technology to empower agriculture and help create a food-secure future. It develops six smart agriculture product lines which include Agricultural Drone, Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Remote Sensing Drone, Autopilot Console, Agriculture IoT System, and Smart Agriculture Management System, running through the entire process of crop management.

In face of rural aging and labor shortage, XAG provides farmers with precision agricultural devices that can operate fully autonomously to grow more with less. It has also released the digital platform that helps large-to-medium farms make scientific decision on crop cultivation.

Up to 31 December 2021, XAG’s smart agriculture technologies have been introduced across 50 countries and regions. They helped close yield gap by about 10.42 million tons, saved 30.6 million tons of water, and cut down carbon emissions by 960,000 tons in the agriculture sector.


Bluepha® PHA — A class of 100% bio-based and marine degradable biopolymers

Bluepha is a cutting-edge biotech company founded in 2016 by scientists from Tsinghua University and Peking University. The company is committed to developing sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life for people today and for future generations. Bluepha® PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates) is its first commercialized product, a class of biobased and biodegradable polymers made from annually renewable resources, offering a reduced carbon footprint versus fossil plastics commonly used.



PEELSPHERE is a 100% biodegradable circular material. By observing and developing the renewability of plants, the material focuses on the potential of fruit waste and algae, redefines the relationship between materials and sustainability. Through recycle, redesign, and reuse, a closed-loop circular design of material is achieved. It is transformed into an eco-friendly material that offers both aesthetic features and functionalities. Providing an ideal alternative for leather and synthetic leather.


Chazence ®Tea-Wastes-Based Material

Chazence ® recycled the tea-leaves wastes in the industry and develops a series of patented tea-fiber-based materials combining with research and development and physical engineering . Chazence ® materials retain tea natural properties, including color , aroma and unique beneficial functions such as antibacterial, etc., The materials are strong and do not contain plastic or formaldehyde , they can be applied to industry in manufacturing everyday products and construction.
Chazence ® project aims to contribute to the sustainable development through eco innovation and creative designs in response to the major global issue of achieving zero emissions and environmental commitment.
Chazence ® materials offer business and global market an responsible, culturally nourishing, and eco-friendly option through innovative regeneration of tea.

HurRain NanoTech (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

New air water generator

HurRain NanoTech is a technology-based enterprise that enables multi-industry scenarios with advanced functional materials, relying on the transformation of research results in the field of materials by Professor Liangti Qu’s team at Tsinghua University. Facing the widespread demand for low carbon consumption and the increasingly serious sustainable development issue of climate change, our team has constructed a material screening and scaling platform with functional composite moisture-absorbing interfacial thermal materials as the main R&D direction, developed a product line of air water generation devices and interfacial thermal materials, and provided standardized products and solutions for customers. It has been awarded dozens of qualifications such as the UN 75th Anniversary Special Award. It has deeply developed the world’s leading air water generation technology, which realizes the mass production of clean water without the restriction of water source and without harming the groundwater environment. The core product is the world’s first consumer-grade desktop air water generator with 10L/day, which can save 40% to 60% energy compared with traditional technology. It has a significant cost advantage over, for example, bottled water, with an average cost of ¥0.1/L of drinking water. The single product eliminates the need for 54,000 disposable plastic water bottles over its 15-year lifespan.

Shanghai Yo-i Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Yo-i Thingswise iDOS Industrial Data Operating System + You-i Light Source Real-Time Energy Efficiency Navigation System

The vision of Yo-i is to reshape the digital transformation of China’s basic industries, reducing costs and increasing efficiency by 1% of GDP for China’s industry. Since its establishment in 2016, Yo-i has brought more than RMB 6 billion gains in total for 30 enterprises in process manufacturing industries including steel, power generation, coal chemical, and non-ferrous metals. Both awarded products ofYo-i (Yo- i Thingswise iDOS (Industrial Data Operating System) + Yo-i Light Source Real-time Energy Efficiency Navigation System) are positioned to improve the energy efficiency of basic industries with digital weapons. With the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, together with digital transformation needs of various enterprises, it helps enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions in an innovative way, which have proven the additional benefits in the actual implementation practice. For example, In a steel plant with annual output of 5 million ton in eastern China, Yo-i has brought gains of RMB $42 million by cost reduction and efficiency improvement through real-time intelligent navigation of gas pipeline network via industrial internet technology.


Digital Solutions for Clean Energy utilizing remote Satellite Sensing and AI

TerraQuanta is an innovation driven company. Through technical innovations, we integrate massive multi-source satellite data to provide a rich and powerful Spatio-temporal data products for different industries, including clean energy, agriculture, forestry, agricultural insurance, land planning, environmental protection, finance and other fields expanding their data-driven business, with the goal of creating a “Data Encyclopedia of the Earth” in mind.