The impact of technology on social and human development is a key area of BEYOND. Therefore, the organizing committee sets up the BEYOND Impact Awards to award companies that have made great contributions and revolutions to the environment, society, economy, science and technology.

China Water Environment Group (CWEG)

Distributed Underground Reclaimed Water Ecosystem (DURWEcos)

CWEG system has changed the mode of centralized collection, treatment and discharge of the world’s centennial water control, and has transforms sewage into a stable second water source of the city for scientific collection, treatment and resource utilization.
It has been recognized by China’s five ministries and commissions as one of the eight technologies for green upgrading of national infrastructure.
The ADB highly praised, that the comprehensive water environment governance model from CWEG will lead the future development direction of that in China and the world.

China State Construction Hailong Technology Company Ltd.

Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)

Through the innovation of construction methods, most of the work on the construction site will be transferred to factories with a more friendly working environment. Help solve the current problem existing in the construction industry, including extensive management, serious pollution, poor quality, frequent safety accidents, and low labor efficiency. And also help solve problems such as labor shortages in the construction market that will appear in the near future. Large-scale production through automatic assembly lines in the factory redefines architecture from the perspective of industrial products, and at the same time, through refined management, material waste is reduced and green construction is achieved.

Alibaba Group

"Carbon88" carbon ledger platform

On August 8, 2022, Alibaba officially launched the “Carbon88” carbon ledger platform, the first of its kind available for one billion consumers in China. Supported by Alibaba’s OPEN C+ computing engine, “Carbon88” integrates individual carbon ledgers across Alibaba’s digital platform ecosystems, including Amap, Eleme, Cainiao, Idle Fish and Tmall, etc., and brings together users’ carbon emission reduction into one system. With Carbon 88, Alibaba engages millions of users with practice low-carbon lifestyles, by providing them with better information on their carbon footprints, as well as incentives to practice carbon reduction. For example, choosing cutlery-free option when ordering food at Eleme and recycling packages at Cainiao Posts can turn into carbon points in their individual carbon ledgers, and in the meantime being pooled into “Carbon88”, making it easy for users’ recording, accumulation, and usage of points.


Digital agriculture to create a low-carbon food system.

XAG focuses on using technology to empower agriculture and help create a food-secure future. It develops six smart agriculture product lines which include Agricultural Drone, Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Remote Sensing Drone, Autopilot Console, Agriculture IoT System, and Smart Agriculture Management System, running through the entire process of crop management.
In face of rural aging and labor shortage, XAG provides farmers with precision agricultural devices that can operate fully autonomously to grow more with less. It has also released the digital platform that helps large-to-medium farms make scientific decision on crop cultivation.
Up to 31 December 2021, XAG’s smart agriculture technologies have been introduced across 50 countries and regions. They helped close yield gap by about 10.42 million tons, saved 30.6 million tons of water, and cut down carbon emissions by 960,000 tons in the agriculture sector.


Push Tab® blister lid

Huhtamaki’s Push Tab® blister lid is a first-to-market mono-material PET and free from aluminum. This game changing innovation will significantly improves recyclability of the packaging, whilst remaining compatible with existing high performance blister packaging lines, without needing modifications or extra investment. It is designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of highly regulated pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging and provides the industry with a more sustainable alternative to traditional push-through blister packaging.


Bluepha® PHA — A class of 100% bio-based and marine degradable biopolymers

Bluepha is a cutting-edge biotech company founded in 2016 by scientists from Tsinghua University and Peking University. The company is committed to developing sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life for people today and for future generations. Bluepha® PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates) is its first commercialized product, a class of biobased and biodegradable polymers made from annually renewable resources, offering a reduced carbon footprint versus fossil plastics commonly used.


OPPO in sustainability achievements(Batter Health Engine、Eco Friendly Packaging、Battery Recycle, etc)

OPPO developed Battery Health Engine technology, which enhances battery lifespan through the system-level Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology. By extending battery lifespan to double the current industry average, OPPO is helping to reduce electronic waste and enable consumers to get optimal performance out of their smartphones for longer.



可持续发展是西门子业务不可或缺的组成部分 — 已经根植于我们的 DNA。西门子助力客户推动可持续增长和行业转型。通过 DEGREE 框架,西门子在环境、社会和治理等关键方面为所有利益相关者设定了远大的发展目标。2021 年西门子中国推出零碳先锋计划,力争至2025年在中国帮助超过 500 家重点供应商和上万家客户加速减碳步伐。智慧园区是其中一个代表性的项目。

致力于联合国 17 个可持续发展目标:9 产业、创新和基础设施;13 气候行动