BEYOND Innovation Awards sets up three awards for its three sub-brands: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Consumer Tech. All exhibitors are welcome to apply. BEYOND Innovation Awards aims to find and promote the most innovative companies and products of the year.


Intelligent Automated AI drug R&D platform

XtalPi is a quantum physics and AI-powered PharmaTech platform that provides integrated drug discovery solutions for global pharmaceutical companies. XtalPi has pioneered a new model for drug R&D that combines AI computation, automated wet lab experimentation and practical industry experience. The company applies this trifecta in its R&D platform to accelerate the drug development process and address unmet needs for patients worldwide.



BrainCo, founded in 2015, is the first Chinese team selected by Harvard Innovation Lab. BrainCo is committed to becoming the world’s leading non-invasive brain-computer interface technology solution provider, with leading advantages in education, medical care, human-computer interaction and other fields. In 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a list of the world’s Top20 ai enterprises, and BrainCo was one of the representative enterprises in the field of brain computer interface. At present, the company has more than 100 core patents in the field of brain computer interface, of which about 60% are invention patents.OxyZen is an “intelligent meditation coach” that combines App with EEG and heart rate monitoring devices. It helps users quickly start meditation and solve stress and psychological problems through scientifically quantified real-time feedback. Through scientific quantification and real-time feedback on meditation, the product is expected to become a catalyst for the industry, helping the public to better practice and alleviate various psychological problems caused by stress.

HuiGene Therapeutics Co.,Ltd

Application of new gene editing tools in disease

HuiGene is dedicated to the R&D and production of gene edited medicines and gene substituted medicines for rare monogenic disorders and health-threatening common diseases. With its R&D pipeline covering ophthalmology, neurology and myology. HuiGene has developed multiple platforms that represent the world-leading technology level, and that cover the entire preclinical drug development process including, among others, drug target screening, drug optimization, pharmacological and toxicological evaluation in animals, and pharmaceutical process development.In the future ,HuiGene will License-out gene editing tools to companies such as cell therapy and plant breeding. At the same time, the self-developed gene therapy pipeline will also be jointly developed with multinational pharmaceutical companies in the process of entering the second or third clinical stage or commercialization.

neoX Biotech

Protein-Protein Interaction-based Novel Drugs Design Empowered by AI and Biophysics

By integrating artificial intelligence (AI), biophysics with high-throughput experiments, neoX focuses on the research and development of macromolecular drugs and multi-specific drugs. Through an in-depth characterization of protein-protein interaction (PPI), neoX has developed a highly transferable and sophisticated platform for early drug discovery. NeoX has achieved demonstrable preclinical progress in a set of innovative drug pipelines derived from this platform. Based on this PPI-based platform, neoX Biotech has collaborated with several pharmaceutical companies to develop collaborative pipelines in oncology and autoimmune diseases, potentially becoming First-in-Class or Best-in-Class drugs.


Innovative anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody – HANSIZHUANG (generic name: serplulimab injection)

Henlius initiates and accelerates many clinical trials on immuno-oncology combination therapies with proprietary HANSIZHUANG in a wide variety of indications, such as lung cancer, esophageal carcinoma, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and gastric cancer, etc., and covering the full range of first-line treatments of lung cancers. As of now, the company has enrolled more than 3,100 subjects worldwide, making HANSIZHUANG an anti-PD-1 mAb with one of the largest global clinical data pools and laying a solid foundation for new drug applications over the world in the future.

Breax Biotech

A disease analysis platform based on the human exhaled breath detection mass spectrometer.

Breax is a global leading supplier of breath analysis solutions for disease detection and precision medicine. Tailoring innovative technologies for the analysis of exhaled breath, we have enabled some tremendous studies and applications that were not imaginable ever. It is mission-critical for us to deliver a new noninvasive, accurate, convenient and low-cost screening and diagnosis solution for clinics, hospitals, medical centers and clinical research communities. Innovative technologies of Breax are fueling groundbreaking advancements in expiratory metabolomics and medical research.

Smartsound Corporation (Korea)

Skeeper AI :Human Heart/Lung Diseases Auscultation Analysis System by Artificial Intelligence

Smartsound Corporation is developing the “Sound Processing Technology” and we have applied on our both human and pet healthcare solutions.
Our solutions can measure, collect, analyze, monitor and AI classification for human’s heart and lung auscultation sounds and can display the results of possibility of incidence rate on the mobile applications.

CELL4D Pte,Ltd

Cell4D - 1st Mechanomics-based Single Cell Screening

Like genomics or proteomics, “Cell Mechanomics” is a brand new type of biomarker and an unexplored blue ocean. Cell4D is the world’s 1st mechanomics-based single-cell screening platform that empowers drug discoveries, cell therapies, and cancer precision medicine. In this way, it can be called the “face recognition” technology for live cells. Cells are the basic units of life and the keys to curing every disease. Cell4D deciphers the unique mechanomics fingerprints of healthy and disease cells in a label-free, non-destructive, high-throughput and cost-effective manner and builds the human mechanomics database. Powered by AI, each biochip (costs < 10 USD) can identify drug-resistant cancer cells within minutes instead of months to enable precision medicine. It can also monitor cell status and activation in real-time to empower immune therapies like CAR-T. Among the top 1% of global startups, Cell4D received investment from MiraclePlus (former Y-combinator China). We were also selected by Merck Accelerator and MTI APAC 2022 and established collaborations with top universities and leading industrial partners. Cell4D will transform the future of life science by reducing animal studies, accelerating drug discoveries and unlocking better treatments for every disease, including cancer. Together, let’s make it happen.