BEYOND Innovation Awards sets up three awards for its three sub-brands: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Consumer Tech. All exhibitors are welcome to apply. BEYOND Innovation Awards aims to find and promote the most innovative companies and products of the year.

XGIMI Technology


Since 2013, XGIMI has helped many worldwide create lasting memories with our smart projectors and laser projectors.
Working with reputable partners like Google, Harman Kardon, and Texas Instruments, we build extraordinary all-in-one entertainment devices perfected thanks to embracing a user-oriented philosophy.
Through innovation, incredibly easy setups, and aesthetically-pleasing designs, we strive to continuously develop outstanding home and portable projectors for everyone to enjoy.


Insta360 ONE RS

Insta360 ONE RS is an interchangeable lens action camera that offers creators all-in-one versatility, without compromises. Using a three-part design, it effortlessly transforms from a traditional action cam to a creative 360 action cam. Three action cam lenses are available, including the 4K Boost Lens, 5.7K 360 Lens and the 5.3K 1-Inch Wide Angle Lens co-engineered with Leica.


Smart LiDAR Sensor System

RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems. With a complete portfolio of LiDAR sensors, AI perception and IC chipsets, RoboSense transforms conventional 3D LiDAR sensors with comprehensive data analysis and interpretation systems. Its mission is to innovate outstanding hardware and AI capabilities to create smart solutions that enable robots, including autonomous vehicles, to have perception capabilities superior to humans.


Nreal Air

Nreal Air 搭载了 Nreal 自主研发的“惊鸿锐影”光学引擎2.0 显示架构,配备了 201 英寸 AR 巨幕,支持 130 英寸的空中投屏。具有轻薄、便携、时尚的特点,能够连接手机、平板、笔记本、掌机、游戏主机等多种设备。同时,Nreal Air 还是全球首款获得 TUV 莱茵低蓝光、无频闪、Eye Comfort 三项护眼认证的AR眼镜产品,在质量、安全和视觉健康保护方面,达到了全球领先水平。虽身为中国企业,Nreal 却从海外市场起家,其 AR 眼镜产品已在韩国、日本、德国、西班牙、英国等商业化落地。在海外市场打拼多年后,此次 Nreal 正式进军中国市场,已与蔚来、爱奇艺、快手、咪咕等达成合作,将开展一系列空间化、AR 化的应用尝试。

Hangzhou Unitree Robotics

Quadruped robot Go1

As the first mass-produced, consumption-level bionic robot, Go1 has ISS (the Intelligent Side-follow System), adopting patented wireless vector positioning and control technology. The system provides omni-directional and ultra wide-angle video image transmission, and can observe the surrounding and terrain of the dog on the app, making the operation within the beyond visual range as simple and convenient as being on the scene. The adopted SSS (the Super Sensory System) with 5 sets of fish-eye binocular depth cameras makes it cover a full view.

FinDreams Battery co., Ltd.

Blade Battery

The “Blade Battery” was fully developed and officially launched by FinDreams Battery Co., Ltd, one of BYD’s subsidiaries, in March 2020.
With the structural upgrades, the energy density volume of each unit has been raised. In addition, the number of components in the battery was reduced by 40%, the cost of the battery dropped by 30%, and the volume utilization rate (VCTP) increased by 50%.
The “Blade Battery” passed the nail penetration test, the industry’s most strict battery safety test. In addition, the “Blade Battery” overcame the crush test after being crushed by a 48-ton heavy-duty truck. The “Blade Battery” is well known for its safety, long cruising range, long lifetime, and outstanding performance in low temperatures.



OPPO’s VOOC made its debut in OPPO’s 2014 flagship device, the Find 7, and has since undergone many iterations. Since then, OPPO has continued improving upon this concept in order to deliver users a faster, safer, and more efficient charging experience. Each iteration of OPPO Flash Charging has continued to hold the best-in-class charging speeds. As the first fast charging technology released for mobile phones, OPPO SUPERVOOC Flash Charge has improved the charging experience for over 220 million users worldwide. The technology continues to drive innovation and popularization of fast charging technology by licensing more than 1,800 patent licenses to third-party manufacturers to implement into their products.

CIX Technology


The low-power and high-expansion Arm architecture CPU has formed an overwhelming advantage in the mobile terminal market, and Apple’s M1 and M2 series chips make the industry further realize the opportunity and trend of ARM-based CPU/SoC entering the high-performance computing market.
CIX Technology established in 2021 and founded by industry experts in technology and management, CIX focuses on designing high performance, energy-efficient application processors. CIX has broad experience in CPU Core, SoC (System on Chip), Full Stack Software, and System Design development. CIX boasts a robust R&D team, including senior computing architects and design engineers, many with well over 20 years of industry experience.


One-stop metaverse content development solution

Founded in 2011, Cocos is a world-leading digital interactive content development platform. Based on the technical capabilities of the Cocos engine, the company provides developers with convenient creation tools for different industrial applications such as video games, automotive, XR, and ed-tech. So far, the Cocos engine has served 1.6 million developers across 203 countries and regions around the world. Cocos is committed to building a technical base for the metaverse world, providing powerful and convenient creation tools for creators to produce 3D and highly interactive digital content. Currently, Cocos has joined hands with Baidu to launch XiRang Lite, a one-stop metaverse content development solution based on Cocos engine, providing more diverse and convenient open source templates for developers to explore the metaverse and significantly broaden the dimension of metaverse development.

GaNext (Zhuhai) Technology Co., Ltd.

Low-loss High-power 650V GaN Device for Data Center Power Supply and Power Conversion System

Through independent development and technological innovation, this project offers a low-loss high-power 650V GaN device using state-of-the-art cascode device structure while builds an independently controllable supply chain. Taking advantage of its unprecedent high-frequency switching performance, this cascode GaN device is perfectly suitable for the need of high-efficiency, high-power-density data center power supply and power conversion system, and other medium/high power conversion applications. These power system products using GaN devices developed by GaNext can increase conversion efficiency from 90% to 96% with significant energy saving by 60%, which fill the domestic technology gap and empower the society to achieve “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality” goals.