BEYOND ConsumerTech Innovation Awards is one of the three awards for the BEYOND sub-brand. All companies and organizations that fall under the ConsumerTech category are welcome to apply.

Selection details

Selection Process:
Nomination, Primary Round selection, Second Round selection, Final selection

Nomination Process:
Nomination is open worldwide, and companies / organizations can participate through online nominations:
(1) BEYOND official website nomination
(2) Referral nomination through partners

Selection Timeline:
Primary round selection: The preliminary screening process will be conducted online to shortlist candidates
Second round selection: The shortlisted candidates will be conducted to be qualified for the final list
Final selection: Finalists will be selected


Nomination qualification

1. Industry: Open to all innovative technologies, products, and solutions that benefit the industry and society. The industry should belong to the “healthcare” area that the BEYOND Innovation Awards focus on.

2. Development stage: The applicant must be a legally registered company or a legal institution. Companies and institutions from around the world are welcome to apply. The submitted product or service must be released between 2019 and 2022 or have acquired relevant intellectual property rights between 2019 and 2022.

3. Project: The products submitted in the application shall not infringe any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Judging panel

The judging panel is composed of industry leaders in the field of ConsumerTech.

1. The judging panel for BEYOND ConsumerTech Innovation Awards has a special professional judging group, with no less than 15 judges.
2. The judging panel is composed of well-known investors, industry leaders, and media experts.

Invited Judging Panel:
IDG Capital, Yunqi Capital, Sinovation Ventures, Shenzhen Angel FOF, China Creation Ventures, SBCVC, L Catterton, North Submit Capital, CMC Capital, Gobi Partners China, Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company, Innoangel Fund, Cherubic Ventures, Sina Tech, NetEase Tech, ZOL, Synced

Criteria of the Preliminary round

Criteria of the Secondary Selection

Award benefits

Participating companies in the final selection will receive:
1. 60% subsidy for ONE standard booth at the BEYOND Expo
2. Access to BEYOND Expo investment track
3. Access to all media resources from the Expo

The top ten companies in each award will receive:
1. 100% subsidy for ONE standard booth at BEYOND Expo
2. A corporate member at the co-founder level can be recommended to receive the Macao travel subsidy (economy class), provided by the Expo’s organizing committee
3. 10 complimentary BEYOND Expo tickets
4. Media exposure across all conference-related social media platforms and social events, and an opportunity to showcase products to offline and online audiences worldwide
5. Invitation to attend VIP dinners, business meetings, and other close-door events
6. Access to BEYOND Expo investment track
7. Access to all media resources from the Expo


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